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We specialise in all areas of commercial law, including establishing a company, selling or buying a business, and joint ventures.

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Our client base is as extensive as it is diverse – a testimony to our team’s expertise, and our decades of collective knowledge covering all aspects of commercial law. We’ve helped people in the Porirua community – where we’re the sole commercial law practice – to establish new businesses, and we’ve also negotiated joint venture agreements between large corporations. We’re dedicated to helping your business!

Company structuring and incorporation

We provide advice and assistance on setting up the correct legal structure for businesses along with arranging the supporting documentation. We also deal with the risk and opportunities involved in the transfer of ownership, disability, or dispute.

Negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements

The first thing to realise when you are about to enter into a lease for a commercial property is that there is no such thing as a standard contract. Our commercial team is here to help you complete the necessary documentation.

Joint venture agreements

A joint venture is a contractual agreement that joins together two or more parties for the purpose of executing a particular business arrangement. We have considerable experience in drawing up the documents required to bring about the best result for you.

Business sales and purchases

Buying or selling a business can be exciting, and it may also be a complex exercise. We have extensive experience advising our clients in relation to all aspects of the process whether it be the sale and purchase of business assets or shares in a business.

Public-private partnerships

Our commercial team is experienced with helping to establish public-private partnership agreements between the public and private sectors. For example, a local authority becoming involved with a private company or other organisation to provide a community service.

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Our team of lawyers and legal executives assists business clients across many industries in New Zealand and overseas. Our expertise in the area of commercial law is combined with personalised service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are six of the most commonly asked questions fielded by our commercial lawyers, along with their responses.

What is an incorporated company?

An incorporated company offers many benefits over being a sole proprietor or in a business partnership. These include liability protection, and additional tax deductions. Incorporation comes with requirements such as the responsibilities of directors.

Why do I need a lawyer when I set up a business?

A commercial lawyer is required to ensure your business is set up properly with the right structure. Your lawyer will prepare contracts to make certain that the terms and conditions are suitable and that due diligence standards are met.

How can I protect my assets when in business?

Owning a business involves an element of risk. A lawyer devises the best plan for your business by ensuring your personal and business assets are kept intact and protected from risk through a family, discretionary, or unit trust.

What’s involved in a franchise agreement?

A lawyer can advise you in relation to the establishment of franchises, including branding and trademark issues, and help you make the right decision. This includes understanding your franchise agreement, your legal obligations, and the franchisor’s powers.

What’s the difference between a partnership and a joint venture?

A partnership is formed when two parties go into business together. The partners are liable for all the partnership’s debts. A limited partnership is more complex, and is separate from investors. Joint ventures can be structured in many ways.

What is the Personal Property Securities Register for?

Anyone can check whether personal property is subject to a security interest by searching the online Personal Property Securities Register. For example, you want to find out whether the goods you’re buying have money owing on them.

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